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Santa Maria Goretti Stewardship


Information and resource materials

Stewardship: Time, Talents, Treasure

Stewardship is the realization that everything we have is a gift on loan to us and then sharing these loaned gifts to others to build up the kingdom of God.  These loaned gifts can be grouped under three main areas:

These three T’s are gifts loaned to us, not given to us outright.  For example, the money we “have” is really a gift from God loaned or entrusted to us.  It is really not our own.  The same with our “time” and talents” - we are expected to share these gifts on loan to us to fulfill God’s plan for us on earth.

A healthy spiritually based parish is anchored on the idea that we are called to share our time, talents, and treasure to build up our parish community.  If we do this, we are only sharing what the Lord has loaned to us in the first place. “Well done good and faithful servant” refers to the talents the Master gave to his servants, asking them to use them for good purpose.

Santa Maria Goretti relies on each parishioner sharing those valuable loaned gifts of time, talent, and treasure.  This is our call.

Ministries and Volunteers: The Call to Lay Ministries

Every baptised person is part of the mystical body of Christ.  We have been entrusted by Jesus to carry out His Mission here on earth.  The Church cannot fulfill this mission without lay people responding to the call of Jesus.

Through Baptism we are given the graces to respond to the call of the Lord.  A wonderful way of such a response is by being an active part of the parish of Santa Maria Goretti... part of the large group of parishioners that keep things going.  Without dedicated people in ministry, the parish could not exist.

Volunteering for ministry is partially responding to the call of Stewardship.  Stewardship is the realization that everything given to us is really a gifts “on loan”.  They are entrusted to us so we can make our parish alive and vibrant, and ultimately the world a better place.

We are giving of our time.  We are sharing our talents (our skills, experience, abilities).  This is lay ministry in the Christian sense.  We are sharing our time and talents in the Ministry of the Lord.

The parish of Santa Maria Goretti can only function well when parishioners become involved, share their talents, and volunteering for any one of a large variety of possible ministries.  No matter what the interests and talents of people may be, there will be an opportunity of using these talents to good use.

For stewardship opportunities, please contact the SMG Parish Office at (780)422-8304 or in-person at 9110-110 Avenue, Edmonton AB, during regular office hours.

Office Email: smgedmonton@outlook.com